Healthy Interactive sessions with students and teacher which enhances analytical ability of a child. Thus paving way child to look at the challenging opportunities ahead

The syllabus is taught in a way which the child enjoys the process of learning, by understanding the concepts there by enhancing the answering capabilities.

The student is introduced to the art of learning which takes three years to learn the art of learning whose outcome is master the skill of learning anything.

No. of hours 288 per annum
WEEKLY Test Subject Wise Weekly Test
Class Mode OFFLINE
Teacher’s Full Time Faculty
Results Announced by our Mobile Applications individually

ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) is a board of education that conducts the secondary school examination for class X in India. Tuition classes for ICSE class X students are classes offered outside of regular school hours to provide additional instruction and support for students preparing for their ICSE class X exams. These classes are usually taught by experienced teachers or subject matter experts and may focus on specific subjects or areas where the student may need extra help. They may also include review sessions, practice tests, and other materials to help students prepare for the exams. It is important for students to balance their regular school work with the additional classes and not overburden themselves.

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