Hi, I'm Shreya! I took coaching for 10th grade ICSE from innovative study circle and I'm so glad I made this choice. I passed out of ISC in the year 2021 and my journey at innovative had just been wonderful!! The phase of innovative was when I learnt the most about my strengths and my weaknesses in academics! I just love the way teachers use a practical approach to teach us and just made me love each subject because of their excellent coaching. Moreover, there were teachers available at all times to guide us and clarify our doubts. I'm happy to share that I passed out of 10th grade with a score of 95% and this would have been impossible without the help of Innovative!! I'm so blessed that innovative has set such a strong foundation for us to choose any career in the future!! Thank You ISC!!!


Innovative Study Circle is one of the best institutes which I have ever seen.Here,I could realise my full potential and put the best out of me.We were given motivation and encouragement throughout the journey.We were made to enjoy the learning process.I never experienced any kind of pressure about my 10th grade as I enjoyed learning in Innovative.I think the faculty here laid a very strong foundation for us.It also enhanced my creativity as they made us think out of the box.The faculty members of all the subjects made the concepts clear.All the doubts logical,illogical or however silly were answered.One can surely achieve their goal by following the innovative methods adopted here.Worksheets and mock tests given here increased my level of confidence.Apart from studies,I would wholeheartedly thank my teachers for inculcating in me many values of life and made my dream come true.It was truly a place where my life and education actually met. Batch:2015-16 Profession:Final year MBBS Student Thanking you,
Yashaswini J Y .


I'm Arpitha S Rao, who was a student in Innovative Study Circle, Rajajinagar in the year 2019-2020 . I'm studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering 1st year, in Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering. I'm very glad and proud to say that I was a part of ISC. As class 10th is a very crucial stage in our educational life, we will need a lot of practice and coaching to get our dream results. I'm thankful to ISC for helping me to get great results in my class 10. With great coaching in ISC, I had got 94% in my 10th grade and that was more than what I had expected. I entered one of the best PU colleges for having this result. I thank all the teachers and faculty of ISC, for shaping my future. Their teaching, their guidelines, study materials, sample question papers, regular assignments, tests made a huge impact on my study process and helped me to realise that continuous practice is essential to crack your examinations. I learnt a lot from my 1 year experience in ISC. Not only did I get a tutorial for the syllabus in my academics, but also guidelines for my future. I thank Madhusudan Sir, who helped me a lot with mathematics and made me good at this subject. I also thank each and every teacher in ISC for giving me a lot of knowledge. Finally, I whole heartedly thank ISC for playing a key role in my life.


I am Chandana S Bhat completed my engineering in Electronics and communication and I am currently working in DXC Technology. I studied in ISC for 3 years from 10th(ICSE) till my 2nd PUC .I scored 87.16% with 94% in Mathematics and 92%(PCMB) in my PUC. The experience in ISC is great because my foundation got stronger and understanding levels of concepts improved due to which engineering math and some basic engineering subjects got easier.The faculties are really great ,they gave me proper help when needed and guided me well.The availability reference books from good authors and competitive exams related magazines ,the no of tests given for preparation are one of the key points . For me ISC was like one more home where i would spend most of the time during my PU and 10 th because it was great place to sit and study and to learn.I would like thank all faculties who taught me.


During my four-year studies at ISC, I gained a great deal of confidence. It was a pleasure to work with such generous teachers who helped me better understand the subject and expanded my knowledge. As a result of the improved understanding of the topic and the corrected approach to the problem, I scored 95% in tenth grade. In addition to providing monthly exams and preparation tests, the teachers provided exceptional support during the exam period. We were regularly administered tests and examinations in online mode even during the COVID lockdown. Unfortunately, the board exams got cancelled, but I did get a good ranking in the CET and JEE examinations. The four years spent at ISC were extremely beneficial and helped me build my future in the right direction.


I was a student of ISC, I have got tutored for my 10th, I & II PUC(NEET) and got passed out in 2018. Currently I'm doing my Prefinal year MBBS in VMKVMCH, Salem, Tamilnadu. ISC has been a great environment for me to study because of the awesome teachers we had for each subject. Never have I heard a ''No'' for any doubt we've asked.We were always encouraged to think out of the box. We were made to give frequent exams, revised those questions, we were always on the go. Not in all tutions people can ask what and how they want to study, but at ISC, we were asked if we needed more classes, question banks, which topics in particular to revised, etc. There were many new edition books and magazines for our reference for our competitive exams in the Institution's library which was one of the best part. We were not just taught the academic lessons at ISC but we were also taught valuable life lessons which shall be with me forever. "Best of Us, reminds Us of you All.


I am currently doing:1st year BE in Computer Science at RV College of Engineering Experience at ISC: My experience at Innovative Study Circle has been filled with nothing but only sweet memories.Starting with the teaching,it is the best indeed.Every topic was understood by everyone and the teachers made sure of it by conducting regular tests and giving worksheets which was very helpful for us in the long run.The portions was completed well ahead of time,which gave us plenty of time to prepare for the board exams by solving tests and getting our doubts clarified.The teachers are very interactive with the students which make the students more confident with their thoughts and answers.The topics taught in ISC are still etched in our minds and will never be forgotten.The teaching always started with the basic and then gradually increased the level.All exercise questions were solved in the class which made us time to solve other worksheet problems at house.The amount of practice which ISC gave me,gave me the confidence to write my board exam.Even when students lacked motivation,the teachers helped and made us inspired and motivated to read and ace the exams. I can easily say that all my basics are clear and are helping me even now,and is only because of ISC.I highly recommend anyone planning to join tuitions,to join ISC,and you will never regret it.I scored 100/100 in Mathematics,100/100 in Biology,98/100 in Chemistry and 96/100 in Physics and a total of 98.33% in my 10th ICSE Board exams and I give all my credits to ISC. Thank you ISC,Madhusudhan sir,Shayan sir,Santhosh sir for making dreams into reality.I will forever be grateful to ISC.


I am Chaithanya D.S from i2 batch of 2020-21 I am currently studying 12th grade. Joining innovative is one of the best decisions of my life. Before I didn't enjoy studying as the entire thing of results and ranks terrified me thus didn't appreciate this process. My concepts of 9th were very week and innovative made sure none of this got in the way of my learning. The teachers guided me through every step of my academics. Each lecture was interesting and made me think about the topics a lot by myself. It would be a lie if i told the constant quizzing may it be in the class or as weekly tests didn't scare me, but that made me put a lot more effort I had ever in my life and strengthened my roots of knowledge. The basic concepts were crystal clear for me and the questioning was purely application /concept based which u wouldn't be able to answer by mugging the solutions. The teachers are highly qualified and always make sure we don't have any doubts by the end of the chapter. The staff are also supportive listening to our demands and adjusting according to our schedule. I was already an above average student but was never able to get 97-99% grades.Through their guidance I learnt where to work hard and how to work smart . The habit of studying daily and constant effort no longer seems like a chore, this is a huge plus point we acquired. I gained a lot of confidence as I was able to solve the questions but it never reached the mark of overconfidence as I was constantly shot down by the famous "chocolate questions". I found myself truly enjoying the process of gaining knowledge and not just studying for marks. The effort we put just a year in ISC is helping in the long run. Although I got 96% in my 10th I am confident enough to say I would have scored much more if the exams were conducted. The results didn't matter at this point because my strengthened theory and will power to put effort is helping me now. I thank all the ISC teachers and staff for being with me, recognizing my strengths and weaknesses, and providing me with lots of motivation and hope to push forward in my life. The support I am receiving is enormous even after 2 years of "innovative days".


I joined isc in 8th std and now I am studying in 12th std(Kcet coaching).Isc has been supporting me in my academics for past 5 years. I got 92% in my 10th icse boards. There are exclusive batches for icse or isc, cbse and state (school wise). Teachers here have good experience and they help in making the students understand the concepts better. They conduct weekly tests chapter wise which helps us to study every week, retests are given to students until they perform better. And they even give worksheets and practice papers. Institutes are open from morning to evening, so that we can go anytime for studying and for doubt clarifications. Even my sister is studying here, she's in 9th std now. I am confident that I'll do well in my upcoming boards and cet. Thank you ISC


My experience at Innovative Study Circle was great and memorable. It is my immense luck and fortune to be a part of Innovative Study Circle. The entire faculty leaves no stone unturned to shape one’s future and career. Innovative Study Circle has been a great contributor to the development of my future, personality and career. The mentors at Innovative Study Circle helped me enhance my academic and interpersonal skills. Innovative Study Circle has always believed in helping and guiding students. Innovative Study Circle is one of the finest institutions I’ve ever known. Thanks to Innovative Study Circle’s help I could gain 94% marks in X grade.


My experience in Innovative Study Circle: It was like our second home, the teachers were very friendly and approachable. The concepts were made so easy and understandable that we didn't face any difficulty in anything. We were very free to approach the teacher n number of times with the same doubt also. I enjoyed my 2 years in ISC..they are very precious and memorable. Finally I thank all my teachers there for their support and blessings..even today if we reach out to them, they talk with the same affection which was 3 years back. The time gap has not made any difference. THANK YOU MY TEACHERS😊🙏


Year of passing:2012 Percentage: icse 10th- 92.6% & 2nd puc- 96.8%; pcmb-99% Currently pursuing my final year MDS in the branch of Prosthodontics and implantology at KMC ( Mcods) Manglore. As a teen it is important to be under the right environment and right guidance for you to develop an excelling mindset. For me, one of those environments was Innovative tuitions, Madhu sir and Shayan sir know how to identify potential and channelise it. This is extremely important during your growing years, it moulds you and shapes you into becoming who you are in the future. Almost a decade post my 10th boards, I still look back at some of those days where my mentors would inculcate discipline into our routine. That discipline has driven me into excelling in my field with 6 gold medals at RGUHS university and becoming one of the best in my field. I highly recommend this centre, a centre for nothing less than excellence!


2012 pass out with 85%. Project Administrator, Structural Engineer at Kailashdev Infrastructure India Private Limited. Innovative Study circle was one of the most memorable, knowledgeable and cherishable experiences of my student career. It was more like a backbone support guiding us through the framework of our journey to excel in Board exams. It was much needed to battle the pressure that was created upon each student to do well. Honestly speaking being in Innovatives under the guidance of our beloved teachers there, boosted up my confidence even further to face the much hyped 10th standard board exams and also achieve good results. I’m really thankful to each and every one who have been a part of the turning point in my career and I’d like to give all credits to them for shaping us up and it is because of them that we have excelled in our careers and doing what we love, today!


Year of Passout: 2016
Innovative Study Circle has been a great contributor in tailoring my career. It's an honour to be a part of this institution and I feel proud that I was one of the students here. It has taught me a lot of life lessons and a solid experience in the science stream. Lectures give their best in moulding us into beautiful sculptures. They provide us with all the up skilling platforms with the well trained lectures who tend to give us constructive feedback on our performances which keeps us positive and motivating. Today I am a part of my dream company with all my lectures' guidance and hard work. Thanks to the Team


Namaste Sir, Ghoshti here. Now I am studying Engineering in Dr Ambedkar Technology college. I am 2019 -20 batch. My experience in Innovative study circle was truly amazing. I really liked the way how the teachers were responsible to us. And the time spent there was very productive. The coaching was also very good. Thank you Sir🙏